19 pete_du_Pont_with_Kay_Bailey_Hutchinson_(R-TX)Farewell  Some thoughts on the views that have animated this column.  

May 27, 2014

The Real Inequality Problem  It isn’t that some people are wealthy but that others are struggling.  

April 28 2014

The Left’s “Wars” –  The Left”s “Wars”.

March 28 3014

Global Warming Heats Up – The public could use an honest debate.

February 27 2014

Our Gravest Peril – ObamaCare? Stagnant economy? Crushing debt? Foreign ­policy fecklessness may trump them all.  

January 21 2014

The Beltway Stalemate – Democrats and Republicans have never had such a conflict of visions.  

September 26 2013

Obama’s Foreign Failure – The world hasn’t lived up to his Pollyannaish expectations.    

August 20 2013

Obama’s Anti-­Energy Agenda – He threatens to cut off the fuel the economy needs.  

July 20 2013

Peace Through Strength: Still a Good Idea – Has Obama overcome his foreign­ policy naiveté?

March 29 2013

The Democratic Majority Is Doomed – The entitlement mentality can’t survive a weak economy.   

March 13 2013

Big Bird Should Leave the Nest. – Romney was right about public broadcasting.

January 21 2013

The Anti­-Energy President – He really meant it when he said prices would “skyrocket.”

March 29 2012

President Obama’s Slip – What President Obama’s slip in the polls means to the GOP hopefuls.   

December 27 2011

Bye Bye Biden – Why Obama may be eyeing Mrs. Clinton for the 2012 ticket.   

November 25 2011

No More Years – No More Years   

October 21 2011

More of the Same Old Change – Obama’s latest economic proposals are just like the earlier ones, only worse.   

September 30 2011

Change for the WorseJust as he promised, Obama has fundamentally transformed America.   

August 19 2011

The Antidote for Socialism – We’ll have to wait for 2012, because this administration won’t administer it.   

July 27 2011

Can This Economy Be Saved? – Yes, but government has to reverse its destructive policies.   

June 23 2011

kf20130604_0343Four More Dollars? – The Obama administration wants energy to be scarcer and costlier.  

May 20 2011

Time To Choose – America needs to act fast to get spending and debt under control.  

April  28 2011

A Very Bad Year – And it’ll only get worse, unless ObamaCare is repealed or struck down.  

March 23 2011

Target: ObamaCare –  Voters rejected it. Now Republicans must act.  

January 24 2011

Turning America Around – Voters send Republicans to Congress with a mandate for a new direction.  

December 27 2010

Deleware’s Decision – A report from the Coons – ­O’Donnell debate.  

October 21 2010

Finally, Some Hope – Republicans show that they’re serious about curbing runaway government.  

Sept. 29 2010

Stop The Madness  –  Stop the Madness  

August 25 2010

Hilary Clinton for President – The secretary of state could mount a formidable challenge to Obama   

July 15 2010

Generation Gap – The Kerry-­Lieberman energy bill would enervate America.   

June 25 2010

Americans Know The Drill – The people support offshore oil exploration. The politicians should listen.  

May 17 2010

Nightfall in AmericaThe Obama deficits portend a gloomy future.   

May 10 2010

Will the VAT Lady Sing? – If so, it’s over for America.  

April 21 2010

Welcome to Europe  – America has changed its course, perhaps forever.  

March 25  2010

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